Experimental Recipes


Today my friend and were practicing recipes for the feast I am in charge of next weekend.

The first recipe we tried was the Zababarda.

Zababarda (ricotta flavoured with herbs) [Zîrbâja] of Fresh Cheese
Take fresh cheese, clean it, cut it up and crumble it; take cilantro and onion, chop and throw over the cheese, stir and add spices and pepper, stir the pot with two spoons of oil and an equal quantity of water and salt, then throw this mixture in the pot and put on the fire and cook; when it is cooked, take the pot from the fire and cover with egg and some flour and serve. (An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the 13th Century, Translated by Charles Perry )

1 large tub of Ricotta cheese
1 medium sized Onion
1 large handful of chopped Cilantro
2 tablespoon of Water
1 tablespoon Salt
2 tablespoons Olive Oil
1 tablespoon of fresh cracked pepper
2 Eggs beaten
2 tablespoon Flour

Mix Ricotta cheese with a diced onion. Add cilantro, water, salt, oil and pepper. Cook thoroughly. Stir to prevent burning. Add eggs and flour to thicken. Plate and serve. (Serving size is ½ cup). 4 cups to serve 8.

It turned out ok, but we flavored it with WAY too much cracked pepper. We will need to go easy next week and add the pepper last to taste.

The next recipe made was the Vegetarian Stuffed Grape leaves. The recipe doesn’t have you fully cook the rice prior to stuffing the leaves. After stuffing we had to steam them for an hour. They are cooking now. The stuffing is a very flavorful blend of spices, currants and rice. I think it will be very good. The blend of dill and cinnamon makes for a very unusual flavor blend.

As soon as those are finished steaming. I will be cooking the chicken shish kabab. The marinade will be a lemon pepper blend.
The kabobs will be served with a cherry dipping sauce. I will be working on that in about half an hour.

More updates later.




I just realized that my blog posts are going online to my facebook page. Hope I haven’t embarrassed myself too badly yet.

Business in progress


Went out tand bought two books to explore this business idea. Business Plans for Dummies and Business Kit for Dummies.

I’m learning a lot I never knew. My dad was right, I should have taken a few business courses when I was an undergrad. i’ll probably form my business as a Sole proprietor and file a DBA. I’ll need to figure out a business name first. I have a few ideas.

I’ve also spoken with my friend Bill about this idea. I would be really nice to get this rolling.
I could already start with my current equipment and start with a typesetting business and write resumes and then do some freelance design work. Any donations of work done for non-profits could be a business writeoff for taxes.

There are several people I’d like to interview. I need to first finish reading these books to get a better idea what i’m up for. I’d like to do something to incorporate my hobbies into one business. I’m into so many different things. Getting started with a writing career and getting paid would be very cool.

I want to set up my own website both a professional one for social work, and one for my creative business. Hoping to see where this goes. It would be nice to earn an extra 10-20k a year. Even a couple of thousand dollars would be nice as I foresee some expenses coming up…new car, home repairs, and I’d like to also take some trips to Europe.

Big visions, big dreams but first I need a lot of work and planning. The next chapter to read is on accounting and tracking the business. I need a lot of help with that. I don’t regularly balance my checkbook. I know I also need to straighten out some personal financial problems to improve my credit rating and to get my own household in order.

I’m pretty excited right now. Due to some of the more chaotic issues going on at work, focusing on alternative funding streams for income sound really good right now. Focusing on a business of my own that involves my own artistic creations, talents and experience is the plan. I will likely start my own business dealing more with social work but starting out with my first career, I can utilize my talents in that area first.

Well, it’s time to head to bed. That’s enought for now. More details coming in the future.



Wow. Found another nerd-gay site. I’ve been aware of a couple of these forums. The Gaylaxians are the big group. A group of gay sci-fi fans that has a long history. As i understand it, the midwest chapter fell apart due to internal politics. They do have their own convention and i’ll need to check it out sooner or later. My friend, Aaron told me that he’s attended this convention. He has some FANTASTIK superhero costumes, so I really think I should go and get involved.

There are also the furry groups. I have a couple of friends who do this sort of thing as well. I’d love to learn how to draw furry stuff. My friend John used to be a great furry artist but he’s had some nerve damage and rarely draws anymore. I’d love to get him to teach me his techniques.

Then there are the gay superhero groups. GayLeague.com used to be a blog that was also a networking forum. It’s been redrafted into a blog that gets updated every couple of days. I preferred the original. It was more fun, but the current one seems to be getting updated more frequently.

The world of gay videogamers has been more wellknown. Leagues of folks on dedicated servers on WoW and City of Heroes makes gaming with fellow LGBTers more fun. I’ve heard of the GAYMERs which is a social networking group for queers.

The latest discovery is this website DoorQ.com. A video of porn-star and dreamboat Brent Corrigan at Comic Con in 2008 was how I found out about this group. A group for sci-fi, fantasy and horror for gays. Very cool. I’ll have to further explore this site.

All these groups make me think I should run a panel for connecting the geeks, gays and gaming. Maybe next year at Penguicon. I bet it would be a huge panel.

Penguicon 2010


Another convention over.  Wow!  Each year it keeps getting better and better.  A new hotel this year.  There were some problems with the site but when it comes to this conventions guests, and programming you couldn’t ask for any better.

There were a lot of excellent panels this year.  Many of the panels I attended were related to starting a creative business, becoming a writer and tips from experts already in the field.  There are several panels I will suggest for next year, for things I’d like to see happen.  

For now I have a stack of new books to read over the next year.  I have a list of new contacts to connect with.  I’ve been inspired to start this blog.  I have several new books to research and need to spend some time seriously addressing my personal business plan. 

Things are getting more chaotic at work.  With my colleagues establishing a union, anything can happen at this point.  To ensure I am not completely left to the actions of others, now is an excellent time to begin to address my own future.  There are a number of creative avenues I could pursue…costuming, cooking, illustration, computer graphics, consultation, education, or adapting my social work background into career advisement, resume writing, typesetting, so many options are dwelling in my mind right now.  Need some time to focus and plan.  There are several friends and individuals I want to interview to help me plan my business to determine how to proceed.

Tonight, I need to finish unpacking.  Tomorrow, I’ll clean the car and work on a number of projects around the house.  I’ll spend some time editing my notes from all the classes and trainings I’ve attended and I’ll need to organize my thoughts. 

I really appreciate what I’ve learned this weekend.  Appreciate my friends and the time I’ve had with them this weekend.

Something New


This is something new I’m going to try.  After attending a number of writing panels, I decided to focus on an area that I’ve been mulling over in my head for some time. 

Trying to address additional income streams for myself beyond my current employment, I want to take some self-directed actions to address passive income while also pursuing additional ventures in areas that interest me.   My art, ideas, and career as a social worker have either been neglected or left to others.   I would like to be a writer, consultant, life coach, and advisor to others.  To ultimately be to social work what Martha Stewart is to home economics.

One way to begin that effort is to become a professional writer.  Every day at work I write.  Mostly case notes and articles, but in summary my work helps to help others.  I like doing that.  However, I can do more.   Public speaking, grant writing, professional consulting can all be areas of my personal and professional growth.  In my personal life, I also have a wide variety of interests.  Medieval history, cooking, historical research, role-playing games, and storytelling.  All of these areas offer opportunities for a writer.  Whether through fiction or non-fiction, I could create avenues for writing.  Seeking out