Something New


This is something new I’m going to try.  After attending a number of writing panels, I decided to focus on an area that I’ve been mulling over in my head for some time. 

Trying to address additional income streams for myself beyond my current employment, I want to take some self-directed actions to address passive income while also pursuing additional ventures in areas that interest me.   My art, ideas, and career as a social worker have either been neglected or left to others.   I would like to be a writer, consultant, life coach, and advisor to others.  To ultimately be to social work what Martha Stewart is to home economics.

One way to begin that effort is to become a professional writer.  Every day at work I write.  Mostly case notes and articles, but in summary my work helps to help others.  I like doing that.  However, I can do more.   Public speaking, grant writing, professional consulting can all be areas of my personal and professional growth.  In my personal life, I also have a wide variety of interests.  Medieval history, cooking, historical research, role-playing games, and storytelling.  All of these areas offer opportunities for a writer.  Whether through fiction or non-fiction, I could create avenues for writing.  Seeking out