It’s been a nice day today. I’ve been doing exactly what I planned today. After being up late last night, I slept in until almost noon. After a shave, and shower it was time to dash off to Weight Watchers. Down 3.0 lbs this week. It helps not to weigh in wearing blue jeans. After weight watchers it was a quick lunch at Burger King and then off to the gym. After gym it was time for shopping. Came home, did dishes and made dinner.

While working on my computer, I am listening to a great audio book, on Thinking Like Leonardo da Vinci. I’m on disk two right now. Very enjoyable and I think I may need to search for this book to own it. There are a number of exercises and resources that I think I want. One exercise to promote the da Vinci concept of “Curiousity” is to write 100 questions in a single sitting, to promote a sense of wonder and exploration of your own mind.


Blog update


I found my old blog.  Wow.  I’ve decided that I need to have one.  I will be posting things from here and it should be updating my facebook and twitter accounts.  I’m hoping to learn more on wordpress and will use this site to address my personal interests, activities, creative writing and artwork I do. 

I may very well start a second blog for professional pursuits, related to social work and HIV related matters.   I’m contemplating this right now.

Today I’ve changed the name of my blog to kirktaskila.wordpress.com

I’ll be spending part of my day tomorrow working on WordPress, going to the gym, and laundry.  It is Sunday afterall and I do have my rituals.  For those of you following the blog I hope to improve this, find links to people who inspire me and that I am interested in.   

At this time it is 2:35am.  Well past time for bed.