Making Progress


Today I accomplished several artistic goals.  I began and almost finished the first of my portrait pieces, and will finish it tomorrow.  The second one I have a plan for at this time, and will start it then.  I also plan to ink one of my practice pieces.  

I watched several videos today.  Some by Ed Beard Jr, who taught me a few things on pencil drawings. and a few on ITunes University on my ipad.  I think I will also start a Art Journal.  Sounds like a cool idea.   

I also bought my first oil paint brush.  It was a $20 brush I got for $10 because of a 50% off coupon.  I plan to do this regularly to cut my costs down.  As Oil painting is expensive I’m going to spread out the costs of my expenses over a series of paydays.  

Tomorrows goals will be to finish my first drawing, start the second, ink one practice piece and begin to price oil paints from Pen and Ink, Dick Blick and the other catalog I have.    I also have a doctor’s appointment tomorrow.  

I’m very excited to be returning to my artwork.