Lahana Dolmasi Zeytinyagli


The dolmas are in the oven.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to one of our coworkers.  As she is vegan, our party is meant to honor her.  To those unfamiliar, a vegan is a vegetarian who doesn’t eat milk or dairy products.  Does this sound limiting?  It can be but if you are familiar with this type of food, you can come up with a lot of food options.  I chose to make my vegetarian grapeleaf recipe.

They are a lot of work, but in the end I think it’s worth it for a special occassion.  The recipe comes from “Classical Turkish Cooking” by Ayla Algar.

The filling is made of onions, rice, pine nuts, currants, olive oil.  The spices are mint leaves, dill weed, cinnamon, nutmeg cloves currants, salt, lemon juice.   This mixture which smells amazing, is then rolled into grape leaves.  The rolled grape leaves are put side by side in a pan and then slowly simmered in a bath of water, salt and lemon juice.

That’s were I’m at right now.  The dolmas are in the oven and I have about another 40 minutes to finish these.  Then I can cool them and go to bed.  They are going to be great!