Another successful mission


After last night’s quick patrol of the courtyard of the Sanctum Sanctorum, I decided that I would patrol the neighborhood.  I spent the day  assessing the needs of the people, and housing the poor.  Then I met my contact, the Professor for dinner.  I left and prepared for the evening patrol.  

As I inspected the neighborhood, I found the tell tale signs of Trash-heap and her minion, Litterbug.  I was surprised to find so many signs of their presence near the Sanctum.  Collecting one bag full of Litterbug’s remains, I found that another few patrols will be needed.  Apparently, Litterbug travels often through the back alley of the Sanctum Sanctorum.  Litterbug must face a reckoning!  Trash-heap will also be relocated to the city dump before long, I swear.

Upon returning to the Sanctum’s Annex, I found myself engaged in another battle.  I found myself taking Mother Nature down a few pegs.  In fact, she lost a limb tonight and was cut down to size.  This will also require another battle to clean up the debris left from this battle.  Before I complete this battle, she will lose another limb or two and we will have fuel for a few fires.