Start your day with intention

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When I start my day, I try to focus on the important things that I need to get accomplished.  I check my calendar, and messages first thing when I get into the office.  At that point I can make a good guess what I need to get addressed first and what will happen over the course of my day.  There are days when the best of intentions go out the window and I have to follow up on a big emergency but having a schedule and a priority list does help me a LOT!

I would recommend that each of you try to do this as well.  It can be hard, particularly if you are dealing with issues like depression and hopelessness.  Trust me, I’ve been there myself.  It is very hard to deal with.  If your calendar is open and you don’t know where to start, how do you begin?  You begin with a good intention.

What do you intend to get accomplished today?  Do you intend on going to a doctor’s appointment or getting one scheduled?  Do you intend on going to Michigan works to get that elusive job?  Or do you just intend to stay home and do nothing.  Some of your intentions will be more productive than others but if you can finish your day with a sense of accomplishment, and achievement you will feel better.

By focusing on this, you will be focusing on what you can do for yourself.  You will be focusing on your abilities and your goals.  It will give you fewer opportunities for others to fail you or disappoint you.  This is just about what you want, and what you can do for yourself. 

Some people can only work on one task as a time.  Some should limit their goals to three things a day.  I usually end up with 10-12 on my list and I need to figure out what I need to do first.  When you finish and look at your list and see all the things you’ve crossed off, you will see what you’ve gotten done and what you need to focus on tomorrow.  Maybe you’ll see that some of those items on your list weren’t that important to begin with and get rid of them.

If you don’t intend to do anything today and just kick back.  So be it.  Everyone deserves some of these days, but working with a list of things you intend to get finished will make you more productive and ultimately make you happier with yourself.