Feast and Friends


Today, the big news and event was a trip to Kalamazoo to meet with my friend Channon Mondoux and her associates who were gathering to discuss preparations for Winter Revel.  Winter Revel is a SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) event to be held in Ionia on January 19th.  I had volunteered to create the soup for the feast.  We met, feasted on foods some for the event and some other items that were brought.  It was a great time.  We had time to meet to discuss the event and make some plans and revise some.

As the event theme is a 16th century German feast that would be common fare for an inn or tavern, I was thinking of a Mustard soup.  Mustard soups are common in German and the Netherlands today, but unusual enough for the modern American pallete that I thought it would be a good idea.

After discussion of what had been requested and what we wanted we decided on a recipe in a German Cookbook that would be a lighter soup, as there will be plenty of food and we didn’t want to make it a heavy grain laden soup like a barley soup.  We will be making it vegetarian, a request for a split pea soup was made and any onion used will need to be purreed as one of our guests of note does not like the texture of onion.  We found a good recipe and I think it will be a good item along with the rest of the meal.  Other items in the meal will be two types of bread a rye bread and individual loaf of white to be served with the soup.  There will be smoked salmon, (we tasted smoked whitefish today — AWESOME), and venison sausages.  Saurkraut, and pickled carrots and beets.  For desert we will be making apple fritters which will be amazing when made fresh that day, and pears in honey.  For a ten dollar feast it’s going to be amazing.  

Channon has gathered some amazing cooks in the Michigan and I felt so fortunate to be amongst this crowd of creative and talented people.  Some of the people there, I had the fortune to meet at prior events but it was a great experience to be able to talk food, make food and share it.  Loved it.

And the weather was great for a road trip.  In all it was a very educational experience today and one I know I’m going to enjoy.



Art, Blog

A new year should always start with new goals and new endeavors.  Many people set new resolutions and this is the first of mine to be tried. My Blog will now be my art blog.  I will primarily be using this blog to promote my art and to share my thoughts as I  practice my art.

I have not yet decided on the name of my blog yet and I plan to cross-post it on my facebook page.  I hope this is something that people find interesting as you will find my art published here.

Happy 2013 to us all.  May it be filled with new challenges, new opportunities and opportunities for growth.

God Bless!