On a regular basis, I have people who are limiting themselves because they are dealing with difficult histories.  They may have been fired, may be had breaks in their employment due to health issues or prison time.  Often poor self image and issues with self esteem will keep them down. 

When I meet with people, and help them build a resume they often dismiss the skills they have and the things they have accomplished.  Even a fast-food job can provide a number of skills including customer relations skills, money management skills and quality control of the product.  By the time I am done interviewing them, I can identify some impressive things that they have done in the past. 

I have decided that I need to make some changes in how I market myself.  As a social worker, and artist I want people to know who I am, and the things that I can do.  I have a portfolio I have developed as a professional social worker but making a name for yourself is important.  Often employers are worried about the business’ image but they don’t promote you as an individual. 

Working for eleven years as a graphic designer, I worked much of that career helping others promote themselves.  Over the next month, I want to work on developing my career and image. 

I have several ideas that I need to address.  Currently I have profiles on facebook, twitter and linked in.  Some of these I need to work on and clean up those sites.  There are other sites I want to add, and also want to build a website. A place to promote both my artwork as well to promote my professional skills.  Stay tuned for future updates.