Flint Horror Con and art


Saturday, October 19th was the day for my annual migration to Flint, MI for their one day horror convention.  Held at the Masonic Temple it runs from 12pm – 9pm.

This convention continues to evolve.  Personally, I was disappointed by the lack of artists at this year’s convention.  There were more tables dedicated to independent filmmakers promoting their works, dvd sales (pushing movies I have never heard of or porn videos), and several tables of people who were pushing their self published horror books or music.

Not counting the several tables of zombie dolls and scarebears, there were 4 artists at this con.  Two were really, really good.  Two were artists with a wide range of drawings and paintings but didn’t have great quality.   I see this over and over at comic book conventions, at art galleries, and work for sale at coffee shops.

The more conventions I attend I am struck that my skills are somewhere in the middle of people at conventions.  Some artists are making amazing things and others aren’t amazing artists but they produce a ton of works.  These folks are well beyond me in their production and willingness to promote themselves.

Personally, I wish there were more artists at the Flint Horror convention.  If you are an independent filmmaker in Michigan, this is really the convention for you.  I really hope that more artists show up in Flint next year.