New Art Projects


In the post holiday season, I have found a number of new art projects to work on.  This is due to the recent achievement of obtaining a table in the Showcase at Illuxcon in September 2014.  Only eighty tables were available and they sold out in about one minute.  Last year they sold out in 4 minutes.  So it was an amazing feeling to get one of these tables.  I have a number of goals to achieve these year.  Updating my website, maintaining my blog and to produce a lot of oil painting are all goals to work on this year.  

To begin with I’ve been doing a series of small paintings.  3×3 paintings are my current tasks.  I’ve done 5 paintings of medieval helms to be posted soon.  I have a series of robot paintings I’m currently working on.  Then I’ll be doing several dinosaur paintings.  I’ll be posting these paintings soon but they won’t be for sale until the weekend of Illuxcon.  Any not sold will be available after the convention and will be posted to my website at that time.  

I will be working on a series of larger paintings after this and plan to have both originals and prints available for Illuxcon as well.  This will be my kickoff for my professional art career.