Website 1.0


My first website is live!  Please be kind when you check it out.  It’s my first attempt.  There will be changes and there will be additions to it and I hope those of you following will see it evolve.  My goal for today was to get a site active today.  It’s been a goal I’ve had for the month of May.

I am currently limited to 6 pages.  I don’t know if I want to upgrade or find another site that will work better for me.  Soon to be decided.

I currently have a small gallery page, a contact page – where you can sign up for my newsletter, a page for my blog (which will soon be redesigned to graphically match my website, and a living history page.  My living history page will be a site to record my medieval projects (costumes, cooking projects and everything else) for my activities in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism).  The shop page is not active.  I will be investigating this process and decide how to do this for my artwork.

Please check it out at: and let me know what you think on my facebook page.