Self Taught Artists


When I see this statement, I have to admit that it bothers me.  It bothers me a lot.  What the heck is a Self Taught Artist?    Are there self taught writers?  Self Taught dancers?  Self taught actors?

When I look back on my history as an artist, I have had a lot of great teachers, mentors and instructors.  I have taken formal art classes, I have read numerous art books, watched instructional videos and blogs to soak up their information.  I have attended workshops, and build a group of artist friends that I have turned to for advice, critique and instruction.  I can not possibly say that I am a self taught artist.

What I can state is that my teachings are now self directed.  I am no longer enrolled in a formal art school but I continue to seek out workshops and professional artists where I can advance my skills.   At the end of this month I will be participating in a 12 week conceptual art summer camp.  Then in November, I will be participating in the One Fantastic Weekend hosted by 6 professional artists.

I appreciate all the instructors and mentors who have contributed to my education.  This is why it drives me crazy when people say they are self taught.

Larry Elmore teaching perspective

Larry Elmore teaching perspective