30 in 30


I’ve joined another art project.  Over the past couple of years I’ve been listening to the blog talk radio podcast Artists Helping Artists.  Each year the host, Leslie Saeta, does two of the events.  The goal is to encourage people to produce more art.  The objective, 30 pieces of art in 30 days.  The last one she did, had over 1800 people sign up around the world.

I signed up because I need to produce more work.  My first task was to decide on a theme.  I’ve decided to do images of sexy, powerful women from history and fiction.   There are a lot of images of Red Sonja in her chainmail bikini looking seductive and as a pin up model.  I want to do images that make women look beautiful and powerful. I will not be doing cheesecake shots and I will not be attempting pin ups.  I’m going to be doing black and white ink drawings of women.  These may end up being studies for future paintings.  We’ll have to see about that.

If you have suggestions for powerful and sexy women from history and fiction.  Please send me a note.  I’d love to add more to my list I’ve developed so far.