One Fantastic Weekend


This post should have appeared last Monday.  Well, better late than never, right?

study with justinFrom November 5-8th I participated in the One Fantastic Weekend art symposium, organized by Sam Flegal and Pete Morbacher.  This event was held in Nashville, TN at the Scarritt-Bennett campus.  A former religious college, it now hosts a variety of group events and weddings.

100_5248.JPGThe campus is constructed of stone buildings with slate roofs.  Arched windows and a bell tower helped to create an atmosphere where the phrase, “I feel like I’m at Hogwarts” was often repeated.  Meal times were a great time for us to socialize with each other and to get to know each other.

Starting on Thursday morning, our schedules were divided up between lectures, question and answer sessions with professional artists, demonstrations and time to work on our own projects.

Besides Pete and Sam, we had time with Sean Andrew Murray, Justin and Anne Gerard, and Kelly McKernan.  Each of these independent freelance artists provided us with information about their careers, as well as resources they use to conduct their businesses.

Twenty-five individuals arrived to experience this event.  In short it was an amazing, life changing event.  Pete and Sam created a very special place where it was safe to ask any question and to share that information.    No, I won’t be providing details, but I do encourage you to pursue this event next year.  1fw2015

My personal project certainly improved from the critique and open environment where I was able to ask questions and get feedback when I requested it.  It was well worth the price of attendance.



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