A moment of sorrow


Wow. This has been a crazy, bizarre week. The daylight continues to shorten, the weather is getting colder, and there has been a weird atmosphere in the air nothing to do with weather.
People are acting out their angry, hatred, and dark emotions without care or hindrance. They fail to recognize the humanity and value of human life. I’m not just referring to the bombings and violence across Europe. Today, it came close to home.
Somebody was banned from the officebuilding where I go to my family doctor. Because they were mad they rammed the building with their car. Three people were injured, two critically according to news reports. Fortunately, I don’t have an appointment until January. The individual who rammed the building has been arrested and the three injured are in the hospital.
It makes me sad that this is our world. I give thanks for those who care for, help society and make this world a little better. But I still mourn for this darkness in the world.