A castle in the clouds


colorcastle72I love castles.  Towers, battlements, dungeons and European history.  I love it all.  My pinterest page has 476 pins on it of castles, ruins, and details like doors, windows and interiors.  I used pieces of different castles to create this one.

In particular, I love the wooden access to the gatehouse.  In times of war, it could be torched to inhibit access.  I’ve seen several with wooden bridges and some with stone.  I liked the idea of the wooden entry.

I’ve copied a low resolution image here. I’m still experimenting with the pencil drawing, scanned and then colored online.  I’m working on the photoshop piece.

Give me a comment on my blog or on facebook.  Do you love it?  Hate it?  If you have a good photoshop tip for me, I’d love to hear it.