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December is a great month to reflect on the past year and to make plans for the new year.  It has been an amazing year for me and the growth I have had, particularly in the area of art has been amazing.  My time at the One Fantastic Week art Symposium was unbelievable.  I left there with a natural high.  There was so much great information shared there about art, developing personal projects and creating your own path for your art career, I had a lot to think about and digest.

There are areas of my art I want to work on and areas I want to explore for projects and to supplement my income.   Starting in January, I will create a Patreon site.  On this crowd funding site I will use it as a platform debut all future work.  I will be using it to post my illustrations, sketches, and fan art.  I have been defining my rewards for each tier and plan to launch some of newest work in January.

I also plan to participate in the Artists Helping Artists 30 day painting challenge.  Every day a new piece of artwork will be made.  I had a great time working on the Inktober challenge, doing a new ink drawing everyday for the month of October.  I was posting those on my Facebook page.  I’ll be posting some of my favorites from that month soon. (My original post was programmed to appear a few days after I wrote it, but was eaten by the Internet.)

In June of next year I will be going to the illustration master class in Amhurst, Massachusetts.  I’ll spend a week there studying with some of the best fantasy artists in the business.  Boris Vallejo has always been one of my favorite artists and this is an opportunity to have him as a teacher.  I’m very excited.

i also plan to have a kickstarter in the new year.  I’d love to get a collection of my sketches bound into a sketchbook.  I’m working on the content now.

In addition to all of these plans, I want to paint.  I want to try and work on some watercolor and try to do more oils before the master class in June.

This will be a year of trying new things and exposing myself artistically.  It is scary to put your art out there.  All of these things are going to push me, and commit me to making more work, more frequently.

Currently, I will continue to keep my day job.  It is rewarding in its own right.  I have figured out, how much money I need to earn in order to be a full time artist.  I know it can be done but it will require a lot of work. I’ve seen others surpass the amount of money I am earning to be professional artists.

Thank  you all who have followed me so far.  I’ve appreciated all you comments, and critiques.  I hope you will stick with me in the future. This will be a big year for me, and even if I fail at some of these attempts I’ll be learning along the way!



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