January End on to February


Well, that’s all folks.  I’ve come to the end of my 30 in 30 challenge.  I started by Dwarf project to give me an excuse to work on faces and hands.  In the end, I came out with several images I liked and some I probably should have reworked.  I will be compiling these into a sketchbook and running my first kickstarter later in the year.  Probably around March or April.  It appears my February is getting busy.

I’ve decided that in the month of February I will be doing the Month of Love challenge.  I’m going to work on 4 paintings on the subject of love.  The first week’s subject is on “Heroes”.  I’ve worked out my idea and will be working out the drawing today and tomorrow.  I will be posting it by next Sunday.

Also this month I plan on attending two SCA events.  The Valentines Day event in Kalamazoo, MI on the 13th, and the Heraldry/Scribal event on the 20th.  I’ll be teaching a class on creating your first scribal equipment kit for those interested in Calligraphy and Illumination.  In related news, I have become our local groups Chronicler which means I need to get our local group’s newsletter out.

Then I also have plans to create a new website because I’ve been rather disappointed in what I have up at kirktaskila.com.  I need to get a good gallery up online with a webstore that will advertise both original art and prints for sale.  I plan to have lots of original art for sale this year so I hope you’ll follow along.

Yup, I think that will keep me busy.  Thanks to everyone who has commented or shared my art.  I appreciate the feedback.




Finnr, the Coin Maker




When I finally arrived at Eikinskjaldi’s destination, I met Finnr the Coinmaker.  He was busy stamping the Thane’s image and year on the gold blanks that were delivered to him.  He tells me his job was one of great prestige.  Gold only had value after the Thane’s ka was placed into the gold.  Only he could add to the King’s horde. I was given one of these coins for my efforts and study of the Dwarven city.  I was told that this one stamped coin was a treasure not lightly given.  I hold it to this day.

Lit, the Engineer



On my way to the the destination provided to me by the Thane’s advisor, I came across a dwarf curiously studying the floor as he walked.  He carried a variety of tools with him and paced out his steps counting as he walked.  I walked with him for a while, trying not to disturb his count.  When he paused, I asked him what he was doing.  He said the floor was uneven.  I said I couldn’t tell.  He said, “of course you can’t.  You aren’t a Dwarf.”

Fraegr, the Potter


Fraegr was a potter.  She loved to work with clay.  Where some might like to start with a block of clay and work subtractively, she like to build things up from her potter’s wheel.  She collected her own clay, and would create some of the finest porcelain posts, and vessels I have ever seen. She made the work look easy, but when she offered to let me take a spin on the wheel, it looks far easier to watch than to do.


Hanarr, the Silkworm Farmer



Hanarr, was a jolly old Dwarf.  He was a silkworm farmer.  Spending his days tending to the white worms of the dark, he would feed them, talk to them, and play with them.  He clearly enjoyed his job.  He told me that silk was the primary fabric of the dwarves.  Neither cotton or flax grew in the dark, but the worms thrived without the sun.  He would collect the silk threads and deliver them to the spinners, dyers, and weavers.



When I encountered Nordri, he was in the midst of moving several chests of treasure.  He paused to talk about his job and his duties.  He transported the Thane’s treasure and belongings.  When the Thane wanted to move between his residences around the city, he would be responsible for moving the Thane’s most desired items to his next residence.  Some were trinkets, others jewelry, sometimes they were paintings or statues he would want with him.  Whatever his Thane wanted, his job was to make sure it was done for his Thane.


Hildingr, Battlemaiden




If you thought that Dwarven women were only found in the home, or attending to the gentle tasks of life, you would be sorely mistaken.  When I was introduced to Hildingr, the Battlemaiden I found a dwarf with a passion and strength for battle.  She was also a commander of the Fourth legionnaires.  When she told me she had forged her own armor, it didn’t surprise me in the least.

Olnir, the Merchant


Olnir, the merchant was dressed in fine leathers, furs, and jewelry.  He had retired from the fields of battle but kept his war-axe with him at all times.  His age had earned him respect, but it was he history as a mighty warrior that gave him renown. Today, he sells weapons and wares throughout the underground city.Olnir, the merchant