Brokkr, the Artillery Man.


scan18Then I learned one of the purposes of the bat guano that was collected.  Brokkr, was a member of the Dwarven defense force.  He protected the underground farms.  Only those with special permission could pass through the halls.  Luckily I had already been given free passage by the King.


Andvari, the Map Maker


scan17The Dwarven city is a large complex that has been developed over many centuries.  They have tunneled across and through the Earth according to Andvari.  He also referenced other lands that they have created doorways and secret paths.  He gave me a map as a gift that would take me to these places.

Hepti, Priestess of the Earth Mother


scan16I took pause to listen to a religious ceremony of the Dwarves.  Hepti, their priestess began by giving thanks to the Earth Mother for all she provides.  An interesting difference is that instead of passing a collection plate, they distributed golden coins to their audience to share the blessings of their bounty.