Weapon, Month of Love

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weapon72dpi_kirktaskilaThis week’s challenge was titled “Weapon”.  Love is war, choose your weapon.  I hear many stories of domestic abuse in my job as a social worker.  The words are strong as are the stories.  Eventually you fight back or die.  When a romance fails and turns sour, I repeatedly hear the same line.  So I title this one.  “But he loves me.”

This is a 9″x12″ done with pencil/ink/watercolors with final colors adjusted on computer.


Lost in Translation, Month of Love


I’ve begun to experiment with watercolor painting.  I think it works well for my fantasy work.  It adds a dreamy quality, and childlike memory space.  This is my second piece for the Month of Love challenge.  The subject is “Lost in Translation”.  I hope that the piece speaks for itself.  Please feel free to comment or critique.



Heroes, the month of love


The Valkryie was a Norse spirit in the service of Odin.  It was her duty to go to Earth and retrieve the worthy dead.  She would return with the soul of the dead to spend their afterlife in Valhalla.  This is my illustration for the first week of the month of love.  The challenge was heroes.

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