Depression and Getting Motivated


There is a lot of depression in my life.  I’ve been dealing with my own depression for a long time.  It was at its worst when I was a teenager.  Now, it’s not too bad.  The biggest issues for me is that I deal with a lot of depression at work and talking with people in my personal life.

I recently had a friend unexpectedly die.  Another friend has lost his partner of 32 years.  Both create different reactions, depending on the personal relationships you have with the person.  Losing a loved one is a specific type of depression, called grief.

When depression starts to affect me, I often feel unmotivated.  Over the past year, I have kept a bullet journal to address the tasks I want to accomplish when I get out of my full time job.  It may be household chores, or art related, or social activities I want to get accomplished.  When the depression hits I often am unmotivated.  I can check my bullet journal and find I’ve not made a list or notation in it for a week or more.  It’s not a good sign and I need to make changes in my life.

Being a social worker, I hear a lot of bad things each day.  It’s not easy, but I try to use my art as a means to “save my soul” as I call it.  A few years ago, my depression was getting bad, and I was getting burnt out.  I needed to find something I wanted to do just for me.  I chose art.  I’ve always loved art and wanted to get better at it.  I started to work on it again, I have been taking a lot of classes on Art since that time, and it’s been something that I can do just for my own satisfaction.

Working on depression must be a personal thing.  Nobody really knows your pains, frustrations and trials but you.  If you want to change your life, you need to find a solution that works for you.  Working on art and keeping a bullet journal have been good tools for me and if you are dealing with depression, I urge you to get out and try to find your own solution.