This is only a test.


Over  the past few weeks my plans and goals went to the wayside.  I came down with a bad sLostintranslation_KirkTaskila72dpiummer cold brought on by my spring allergies.  So instead of working on these goals, I’ve been spending a lot of time, coughing up the morning mucus.  I know, not pretty.

One of my goals was to get a new website up.  After starting my trial period on Squarespace, I got sick.  So I wasted that two weeks without working on it.  However, I’ve been back at it.  I have my about page ready and tonight I’m testing out my blog links.  My blog has been in WordPress for a few years now.  I think I have the links set up to forward to my website.  This post is a test to see if it forwards both text and image to my website.

The website is at  It’s live but not finished.  After setting up this blog, I need to set up my gallery of images to promote myself.  After that, I want to set up my store so I can start marketing my art.  Each step a move forward.