By George! I think I’ve done it.


I are truly hoping I’ve fixed my blog problem.  For over a month it’s been my intention to have my website upgraded and moved to a new program.  It’s been delayed too long.

First, my Spring allergies brought me down for about three weeks.  Sinus issues led to drainage into my throat and it was a lot of coughing and hacking for weeks.  Not a pretty sight to see.

Since then I’ve been working on this problem.  I’ve been trying to link my wordpress blog that I’ve used off and on (mostly off) to my new website.  There have been some serious linkage issues that I couldn’t figure out.  It appears that my most recent attempt may have actually worked.  At least it appears to work based on the Help tool and messages I’ve received.  I won’t know for sure until I send this post.  If it doesn’t work, I think I’ll have to make my posts on wordpress and then copy them to my website.  Currently, I have things set up so every blog post on WordPress will automatically repost on Facebook, Tumbler, and  Pinterest.

You can find my website at

It is still in production as I’m working on this.  I only have my ABOUT ME section and my blog section up.  I’ve been holding off on any blog updates until I’ve fixed this problem.  I still need to work on my GALLERY page and my SIGN UP page for my mailing list.  Then I will be upgrading my site to include a commerce site so I can start to sell my art online.  I plan to sell both original art as well as printed reproductions.  I’ll be making announcements along the way.

My next projects to be completed this weekend are to plant my summer garden and get my first newsletter out for this weekend.  I’m excited to share my upcoming summer activities with you all.

That’s it for now.  Let’s see if this appears on my website automatically.