My One Fantastic Workshop


The week before Thanksgiving I had the privilege of attending the 1FantasticWorkshop held in Nashville, Tennessee.  It was a four day workshop for artists that was focused on the business of making and selling art.

Each of the instructors were independent artists.  Some were digital, others specialized in graphite, acrylic, watercolor or oil paintings.  There were many demonstrations and new techniques that were shared with about 50 artists in attendance.  Some of the artists came from around the world.  I met artists from Sweden, England, Finland, and all across the United States.

scarrit bennit centerIt was held at the Skarritt-Bennett center on the North side of Nashville.  This center, I call my little piece of Hogwarts in the U.S.  A former religious university for women it has the look and feel of a medieval community.  The bell tower and dining hall add much  to this feeling of a magical setting.  The buildings have slate rooftops, and brick walls.  The windows of the dining hall each have heraldic images in stained glass.

I had to wear my Slytherin t-shirt at least on one of the days of the conference.  That’s just how I roll.  (Second row center. )

1fwlecturetimeIt was a wonderful time to meet new people as well as to connect with old friends I’ve met before at IlluxCon, or the Illustration Masters Class.

There were many discussions on running a project on Kickstarter, using Patreon, building your own artist community, self promotion, advertising on social media and many other topics.  Each Tuesday morning 11am Eastern time, the two hosts of the Workershop, Pete Morbacher and Sam Flegal discuss the business of art on their video podcast.

They report plans to host another workshop next November and it is well worth the cost of attendance.  It’s a magical setting and they help to teach you how to be wizards.

A special thank you to Tawny Fritz for the photos in this post.  She’s awesome!