Pump up the Volume – Jacob Walker

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I want to use this forum for a Friday Focus Post in order to spotlight some really cool artists that are making a name for themselves and share this with my friends.

A couple of years ago, I was introduced to this artist by my friend, Tony Steele. We ran into each other again last November at the One Fantastic Weekend art workshop where we spent four days talking about creating art, discussing the business of art, and focusing on our own art projects. His name is Jacob Walker. He’s been forging a career for himself through graphic design and his art work. If you are a fan of H.P. Lovecraft you should check out his website at http://www.jacobwalkerart.com.


He has just finished a very successful Kickstarter campaign for his pen and ink drawings inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. His art book, has also become a coloring book and I’ve been watching it develop over the past couple of months. It’s been exciting to see this develop and watch his success.

His artwork speaks volumes by itself. I strongly encourage you to check it out and if you happen to see him at a convention, go introduce yourself. His work is spectacular.




Business in progress


Went out tand bought two books to explore this business idea. Business Plans for Dummies and Business Kit for Dummies.

I’m learning a lot I never knew. My dad was right, I should have taken a few business courses when I was an undergrad. i’ll probably form my business as a Sole proprietor and file a DBA. I’ll need to figure out a business name first. I have a few ideas.

I’ve also spoken with my friend Bill about this idea. I would be really nice to get this rolling.
I could already start with my current equipment and start with a typesetting business and write resumes and then do some freelance design work. Any donations of work done for non-profits could be a business writeoff for taxes.

There are several people I’d like to interview. I need to first finish reading these books to get a better idea what i’m up for. I’d like to do something to incorporate my hobbies into one business. I’m into so many different things. Getting started with a writing career and getting paid would be very cool.

I want to set up my own website both a professional one for social work, and one for my creative business. Hoping to see where this goes. It would be nice to earn an extra 10-20k a year. Even a couple of thousand dollars would be nice as I foresee some expenses coming up…new car, home repairs, and I’d like to also take some trips to Europe.

Big visions, big dreams but first I need a lot of work and planning. The next chapter to read is on accounting and tracking the business. I need a lot of help with that. I don’t regularly balance my checkbook. I know I also need to straighten out some personal financial problems to improve my credit rating and to get my own household in order.

I’m pretty excited right now. Due to some of the more chaotic issues going on at work, focusing on alternative funding streams for income sound really good right now. Focusing on a business of my own that involves my own artistic creations, talents and experience is the plan. I will likely start my own business dealing more with social work but starting out with my first career, I can utilize my talents in that area first.

Well, it’s time to head to bed. That’s enought for now. More details coming in the future.