Wow. Found another nerd-gay site. I’ve been aware of a couple of these forums. The Gaylaxians are the big group. A group of gay sci-fi fans that has a long history. As i understand it, the midwest chapter fell apart due to internal politics. They do have their own convention and i’ll need to check it out sooner or later. My friend, Aaron told me that he’s attended this convention. He has some FANTASTIK superhero costumes, so I really think I should go and get involved.

There are also the furry groups. I have a couple of friends who do this sort of thing as well. I’d love to learn how to draw furry stuff. My friend John used to be a great furry artist but he’s had some nerve damage and rarely draws anymore. I’d love to get him to teach me his techniques.

Then there are the gay superhero groups. used to be a blog that was also a networking forum. It’s been redrafted into a blog that gets updated every couple of days. I preferred the original. It was more fun, but the current one seems to be getting updated more frequently.

The world of gay videogamers has been more wellknown. Leagues of folks on dedicated servers on WoW and City of Heroes makes gaming with fellow LGBTers more fun. I’ve heard of the GAYMERs which is a social networking group for queers.

The latest discovery is this website A video of porn-star and dreamboat Brent Corrigan at Comic Con in 2008 was how I found out about this group. A group for sci-fi, fantasy and horror for gays. Very cool. I’ll have to further explore this site.

All these groups make me think I should run a panel for connecting the geeks, gays and gaming. Maybe next year at Penguicon. I bet it would be a huge panel.