Penguins abound.


Friday night at penguin. Have been to several panels. Currently at the word press blog panel. Also been to a tarot 101, warrior spirit panel and others.

Now off to a panel on bof: apps.


Penguicon 2010


Another convention over.  Wow!  Each year it keeps getting better and better.  A new hotel this year.  There were some problems with the site but when it comes to this conventions guests, and programming you couldn’t ask for any better.

There were a lot of excellent panels this year.  Many of the panels I attended were related to starting a creative business, becoming a writer and tips from experts already in the field.  There are several panels I will suggest for next year, for things I’d like to see happen.  

For now I have a stack of new books to read over the next year.  I have a list of new contacts to connect with.  I’ve been inspired to start this blog.  I have several new books to research and need to spend some time seriously addressing my personal business plan. 

Things are getting more chaotic at work.  With my colleagues establishing a union, anything can happen at this point.  To ensure I am not completely left to the actions of others, now is an excellent time to begin to address my own future.  There are a number of creative avenues I could pursue…costuming, cooking, illustration, computer graphics, consultation, education, or adapting my social work background into career advisement, resume writing, typesetting, so many options are dwelling in my mind right now.  Need some time to focus and plan.  There are several friends and individuals I want to interview to help me plan my business to determine how to proceed.

Tonight, I need to finish unpacking.  Tomorrow, I’ll clean the car and work on a number of projects around the house.  I’ll spend some time editing my notes from all the classes and trainings I’ve attended and I’ll need to organize my thoughts. 

I really appreciate what I’ve learned this weekend.  Appreciate my friends and the time I’ve had with them this weekend.